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La draineuse agricole LaSole: contrôle et stabilité sans pareil


Using a 200HP tractor or better, the LaSole Tile Plow allows you to install tiles, double your tiling, or install a completely new tile system.


Do your tiling yourself and save on installation costs. You will be able to choose a time which suits your needs, thus having the best conditions for your fields.


Why choose the LaSole Tile Plow? We build our Tile Plows with special attention to controlling the plow using two independent systems, one for the height and the other for the slope (learn more, the quality of your tiling!).


Since tiling is a very demanding operation for your machinery, we install systems to protect the plow and tractor (learn more).


We build the base of our tile boot roller to ensure the ideal placement of the tile drain, so that your work gives you the expected results.


In fact, the configuration of the LaSole Tile Plow is the one that comes the closest to a commercial plow used with a bulldozer. This is the best guarantee of quality!

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La draineuse agricole LaSole: précision et stabilité sans pareil


Height control is the most important aspect of a tile plow. There are two methods to adjust the height: the control by the angle of the tile boot roller (pitch control) and the direct control. From the beginning of the design of our Tile Plow, we chose the direct control: it acts instantly, whatever the type of soil under the tile boot roller unit. Even though building a direct control tile plow is more expensive, it gives better accuracy. In the tile drainage world, precision is the vital.

The height control consists of parallel beams, activated by the central cylinder. It allows to raise and lower the tile boot roller unit without changing the pitch (angle). This system acts instantly and the tile boot roller unit is always level, regardless of the height.


In order to adjust the pitch (angle) of the tile boot roller unit according to the specifications of the tile drainage plan, a second control permits of the swivelling tile boot roller head and the two top cylinders. This control is INDEPENDENT of the height control. Note that the height of outlet of the tile drain does not change, thus avoiding the tile drain being crushed during slope changes.


Two indicators allows you to monitor the height and angle of the tile boot roller unit. In addition, three dials indicate the hydraulic system pressure.


Some GPS systems are able to control both height and pitch, but most tile plows are not compatible with these systems. The LaSole Tile Plow is compatible!  Talk with your GPS provider. If he does not know the LaSole Tile Plow yet, suggest that he call us!




Tiling is very demanding on machinery. For example, tiling a field containing rocks is structurally difficult for both tractor and tile plow. That's why we have installed all the necessary protection systems to prevent breakage.


A first relief valve is connected to the top cylinders can be activated during an empty pass. If you hit large obstacle, this protection allows the tile boot roller unit to "trigger" backwards and gives the operator time to stop. It is adjusted according to the weight of the tractor.


A second relief valve is connected to the central cylinder. This protection is used to prevent the tile boot roller unit, pushing downward, does not lift the rear of the tractor or break the draw bar . It is adjusted according to the weight of the tractor and the resistance of the draw bar.


The Tile Plow is attached to the hydraulic 3 point attachment system and the tractor draw bar. This reduces the stress on hydraulics, especially the top link.


We manufacture a separate tile boot roller unit for each tile size. In other words, our tile boot roller for 4 " tile is not the same as for the 6" tile. This allows the tile boot roller to be as narrow as possible, so easier to pull and requiring less HP.


Because we have a separate tile boot roller unit for each tile size, each tile boot roller unit is designed to achieve an ideal tile placement. Indeed, when the "funnel" of the drain is too wide, the lateral support of the tile is not adequate and the tile tends to be squashed, a situation which does not occur with our Tile Plow.


The bottom section of tile boot roller unit is made in trapezium, and not flat or V shaped, to avoid any cavity under the tile and any undesirable deformation. Thus, the shape of our base makes it possible to obtain an optimal support of the entire lower part of the tile.


Our interchangeable tile boot roller system will allow you to switch from one tile size to another in no time. The sizes available are 4", 6" and 8".

La draineuse agricole LaSole: précision et stabilité sans pareil

Why choose the LaSole Tile Plow?

Q: What is the smallest tractor that I can use to pull a tile plow?

A: A 200 HP tractor is sufficient to work with our tile plow.


Q: And the biggest tractor?

A: Our tile plow is suitable for all high powered articulated tractors.


Q: What is its maximum working depth?

A: Our tile plow can go down to 72 inches in depth.


Q: Is it possible to hook up a 2nd tractor?

A: Certainly, tie loops are provided for this purpose under the frame of the tile plow.


Q: Is your tile boot empty inside?

A: The interior of our tile boot is not empty, because there is a path for the drain tile as well as several reinforcements at strategic points. In addition, they are built with 1/2 inch thick tempered steel. For example, our tile boot for the 4 '' drain tile weighs 1/2 ton!


Q: Are they as strong as the H-shaped tile plow?

A: Our tile boot is as strong as any H-shaped tile boot because we created H-Beam strength by welding in a wedge configuration two 1/2 '' thick tempered steel plates on the entire tile boot’s front upright section. The tile plow strained left or right or twisted is much stronger than any H-shaped tile plow.


Q: Is it true that it can break the tractor?

A: A tile plow is a tool which places a lot of strain on the tractor. This is why we have incorporated various systems to protect the tractor’s drawbar and the 3-point hitch. Adjusted correctly, these systems give the operator time to stop without breaking anything.

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