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La Sole, lame niveleuse agricole pour niveler vos terres et préparer vos semis


The Double Blade satisfies two needs :

  • level your farm land where surface drainage is unsatisfactory, eliminating water accumulations which can harm your crops;

  • seedbed preparation, giving you an even surface, clear of rocks and clods. It will permit the soil to warm up more rapidly while keeping a high level of humidity.


Use the Double Blade for all your work, both light and heavy. We will teach you all the techniques necessary to enable you to level or prepare your seedbed easily.

Using the Double Blade is easy. With the simple use of the tractor’s hydraulics you can level soil or move it to fill in depressions. To fill the blade, you just have to hydraulically lower it, and to unload it, raise the blade back up. This way, you move only the soil necessary for the work, no more and no less.

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La Sole, lame niveleuse agricole pour niveler vos terres et préparer vos semis

Why choose the Double Blade?

  • Large width: thanks to its width, working with the Double Blade is easy and reasonably cheap.

  • Low Purchase Price: the Double Blade is the affordable leveler.

  • Very strong: an extremely solid design, which required very little upkeep.

  • Low power required:an 80 hp tractor is enough to pull a 16’ Double Blade.

  • Made to Measure: from 16’ to 60’ in 3 different categories, the Double Blade will meet your needs.

  • Excellent Resale Value: a valuable tool, the Double Blade has a high resale value.

  • Reversable: with two identical working faces and sharpened edges, it has an extended working life.

  • Proven work method: with the Double Blade, you also get our working expertise, based on 40 years experience.

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